Certified Appellate Specialist

Eric Multhaup Eric Multhaup specializes in appeals and post-conviction writs on behalf of clients who have been convicted of serious felonies in state or federal court. His caseload includes capital cases, cases involving claims of innocence, and cases involving constitutional violations of all types.

Eric has been practicing in this area for some 35 years, and has had successes in obtaining the release of clients sentenced to death or to other lengthy prison terms. At the same time, he has learned the hard way from many cases that the road to relief in appeal and post-conviction representation requires hard work and determination notwithstanding the difficult odds.

Recently, he received the Champion of Justice Award from the California Innocence Project in 2009 following a lengthy effort to win the exoneration and release of an innocent client; and the California Attorney of the Year Award in 2010 for work in the criminal post-conviction arena (“Clay” Award).